Lee Nassau started DL Images more than 30 years ago with a dream. A dream that in 30 years he could still be working on his bio for potential clients.  And so he does. 
Lee shoots and directs, and writes a bit.
Q: How many writers does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Why do you want to change it, what’s the matter with the way it is?
Lee has shot CEO’s & pro athletes, the kind of people with no time to spare. So he can work fast. But he's also worked a lot with starving actors, people willing to spend their whole stinking day in front of a camera. So he can work slowly. But what he enjoy's the most is working with real people and making them comfortable and believable on camera.
His hand held work is steady...it’s his tripod stuff that tends to be a bit shaky. Lee started out in this business a long time ago as an editor. The old fashioned kind--with a guillotine splicer on 16 & 35mm film. So he knows how to put together a sequence .
Lee grew up in Philadelphia, went to Penn State and has spent the past 30 years in the Midwest trying to find Tastykakes.
Scott Jones - Mild-mannered, quiet, incredibly patient and clever editor by day. KILLER drummer by night. That’s Lewis Scott Jones. He’s been a key part of the DL team for more than 15 years. Before that, perhaps you saw him and his quasi famous Indy band “The Beautiful Authentic Zoo Gods.” They were signed by Capitol Records, went to Malibu to cut their first album and were never heard from again. And that was our gain. Now, instead of pounding the drums, he pounds the AVID. He’s our computer whiz, and our favorite location soundman. Yep. In spite of those hard years on the road with the Zoo Gods, he has a great pair of ears.
Diane Bromwell - Diane Bromwell is the “D” of DL Images. An accomplished musician (oboe, sax, piano, etc.); a college philosophy major; she somehow got stuck handling all the paperwork…the invoices, the bills and the taxes (she’s a former IRS employee, but please don’t hold that against her).